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You'll mostly find literature here please don't expect any art I don't know how to art well



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theatre is life

costumes (again) for Les Mis. I'm gonna cry there;s like 200 costumes but it's gonna be great cause quick changes on hot guys

marvel is taking over my life

I'M SO PUMPED I'M GONNA SEE CHICAGO IN MAY (also Jekyll & Hyde in february holla)

also tom h
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Not long after you arrived, Clint came running in to the RV. “We have got to hurry. He knows we’re here.”

Steve nodded. “We know. Let’s contact S.H.I.E.L.D. and get changed. Then we’ll go and take him into custody.”

You all changed out of the civilian costume into hero costume and left the RV, weapons and shield in hand. You had gotten a hold of HQ while Clint had called in back-up. As the three of you walked down the path, you all told each of the passerbies you saw to get out of the area as fast as possible but to try not to cause a scene.

Back at the river, Steve began in the direction of Loki. Clint trailed him, and you were not far behind. Finally, you got back to where Loki had been, but instead of being in casual clothes, he was wearing full battle armor.

“Ah, there she is. The prized bird I have been so desperately searching for,” Loki taunted. He turned his attention to the Captain. “Give me the girl, and I will let you and your archer friend go.”

“Snowball’s chance,” Cap shot back. A look of confusion spread to Loki’s face. He didn’t understand what Steve meant.

Loki picked up his scepter from where it was leaning against a boulder. “I only need her. The two of you and the rest of your ¬Avengers, don’t have to get involved.”

Steve shrugged. “Doesn’t matter. You’re not getting her.”

Loki sighed. “Fine.” And before anyone could react he fired directly at Steve.

The energy blast ricocheted off of the Captain’s shield and reflected in a random direction. You sprinted to the left while Clint jumped onto a nearby rock and began to fire at Loki.

You rolled behind a boulder that you had been standing near. You jumped to your feet and raised the pistols to a shooting position, standing in a position that would allow you to duck behind the boulder if necessary. You shot at Loki, but the bullets simply bounced off of him.

You went to duck behind a tree as he was being shot at by Steve and Clint, but before you could get fully behind it, you felt an arm wrap around your waist and pull you back. The illusion of Loki that was being fired at disappeared as the real Loki squeezed you close, trapping your arms in the process.

Loki glared at the two heroes. He also glared at the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who were arriving to aid your team. You hadn’t noticed them. Among the backup was Tony Stark and the famed Black Widow.

“Make one more move, and we’re gone,” Loki said. No one moved. He placed the tip of his scepter against your neck.

You could feel your heart beating faster than it had ever beat in your entire life. You wondered if anyone else could hear it. But as your heart began to calm down, you remembered what you had been taught in hand-to-hand combat. You remembered being put into an arm hold like this and knew exactly what to do.

You stomped on Loki’s foot, and then as he reacted to the pain, you ducked your head down and head butted upward and into his jaw. You then grabbed his first two fingers and bent them back until he was completely off you. You took the opportunity to punch him in the neck and back up.

Loki glared at you as he recovered from the shock of having been attacked. “You wretch!” he yelled at you. Clearly, he was not happy. He then gathered himself and returned to his full height. He shifted into both an offensive and defensive stance and glanced around, seemingly realizing that this was not a fight he could win.

“I will return for the girl.” And with those words, he disappeared in a flash of green light.

After his vanishing, you suddenly felt drained. You wobbled slightly and sat down on the boulder. Steve saw this and came over to you.

“You okay, kid?” Steve asked as he kneeled in front of you.

You nodded slightly. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just drained.”

Steve nodded, “I know what you mean.”

“Here,” You heard a voice say near you. You glanced to your left and saw Natasha standing there holding about a bottle of water. “This will help.”

You smiled at her gratefully and took it from her. You unscrewed the lid and took a big drink, restoring a little bit of energy.

“Atta girl. I saw that you used the techniques I taught you on Loki.” Natasha smiled. “You learn fast.”

You grinned sheepishly. “Thanks.”

Not long after, director Fury came onto the scene to begin asking questions, but Tony stopped him from doing so.

“She needs rest,” Tony said.

Fury looked at Tony and retorted, “She can rest after we get an update on what happened.”

Tony gave him a stern look. “No. Rest. Let’s take a vote!” Fury rolled his eyes as the other agents looked in his direction. “Who thinks that Asgard’s most wanted here needs rest?” The majority of the agents raised their hands. Tony smiled at Fury. “It’s settled then.”

Fury sighed and then waved his hand. “Fine. Get her to the Helicarrier so she can rest. Questioning will begin in the morning.”
A Sacrifice- Chapter 7 (LokixReader)
I've been updating more and more hoLLA

also i've got shows coming up and that means rehearsals so that also means i won't be posting much (not like I do that do, psssht)

My Handy Dandy Beta:   :iconalicamoreau: AlicaMoreau

alSO no one got my wicked reference in chapter 5 y'all need to catch up
theatre is life

costumes (again) for Les Mis. I'm gonna cry there;s like 200 costumes but it's gonna be great cause quick changes on hot guys

marvel is taking over my life

I'M SO PUMPED I'M GONNA SEE CHICAGO IN MAY (also Jekyll & Hyde in february holla)

also tom h
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  • Listening to: a show tune, probably
  • Reading: nothing at the mo
  • Watching: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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hey nerds i'm julie but you probably already know that

things you should probably know about me
I'm Catholic
i'm left handed
and i really like tom hiddleston

i also really like broadway and supernatural

i write, and i'm currently working on a fwe projects, including my Loki fic, A Sacrifice

i'm also on tumblr, but i don't post much about my works. dontbeanassbutt, look me up.

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